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What is it About Seniors that’s so Amazing??


Portrait session… just that phrase make some people cringe! Getting pictures taken can be stressful! Let me help relieve your nervousness of having your Senior pictures taken! Start by reading these tips!  I specialize in Senior pictures here in Rochester and the surrounding areas! Are you afraid of the camera? No worries! I have training on what makes the human body look fantastic regardless of your shape! Trust me, let me help you!!!

What I Love About Seniors:

Working with seniors is what I thrive on! Capturing that place in time between graduating from High School and leaving for College… Such an important time in your life. I want to be there and capture you, your courage, your passion, and the things that make you – you!

The sessions I offer allows my Seniors a time to let their true personality shine through. Encouraging my seniors to feel comfortable and confident when I am taking their photographs is what makes your experience unforgettable.  When Seniors are able to see the screen on the back of my camera, they tend to get excited because they can see how wonderful they look to other people.

Ultimately, seeing themselves on my camera screen also gives my Seniors more confidence while we finish the remainder of the session. My Seniors look forward to seeing the finished product

Raising a person’s self-esteem and making them feel good about themselves, is what I love to do!  This makes them feel as amazing, as others see them.

What’s in a Senior Session:

One of the pre-session values that I include with every booking is my Style Guide.  My Style Guide gives my clients tips and assistance to decide on what to wear and bring with you to your Senior photo session. My Style Guide offers ideas and options, so my client will look their best on camera, consequently bringing out your best features.

  1. My Style Guide: Helps to create confidence! I help you by providing a style guide that gives you ideas on what to wear.
  2. Additionally, I am trained to help guide you through the posing process, so you look amazing in your pictures! They say the camera adds 10 pounds?? Not when I pose you!
  3. Yes, I know how difficult it is to sit in front of a camera! I have been in your shoes! I love to make sessions so fun that you won’t realize that we actually spent time taking pictures! I love making the client feel beautiful or handsome.
  4. However; I really love making my clients feel confident and assured, incorporating the Style Guide is effective and very successful in creating a perfect portrait session!

Therefore, want you to absolutely love your experience with me.  I truly believe that you will be so excited at the finish of our session that you not be able to wait for me to deliver your gallery! As I have stated earlier, this session is marking a special moment in time… of graduating from the first part of your life and moving on to the next exciting chapter!

Seniors-Book With Me:

Let’s get together and chat! I look forward to hearing from you soon!