How to Get in the Pictures When Vacationing

We’ve all been there

It’s the day after vacation ends and you’re scrolling through the pictures you took on your phone. Mid-scroll you realize it’s happened again – not a single picture of all of you, enjoying your lake life together. You got the sticky s’mores your oldest son got up his nose.  The gorgeous sunset on Tuesday during happy hour with the neighbors and your daughter’s epic catch the first time she went fishing. But where are you? Behind the phone, of course. 

That’s Where I Come In

As a life-long lover of Keuka Lake, I would be honored to help capture some of these special moments with you -ALL of you! Let’s take the canoe out for a spin (maybe I’ll stay on the shore for that one!), fire up the grill. Or build a sandcastle on the beach. Ponytails, bathing suits, tan lines and sunglasses encouraged. While I’m there, we’ll be sure to grab some detail shots of the sandy footprints in the kitchen, the squeaky screen door that no one ever remembers to fix. And the markings on the porch door that show how big your babies have grown. 

“But Cathy, I’m on vacation!”

I don’t want to get dressed up for a photo shoot!” I totally get it, but guess what? This isn’t a typical photo shoot.  This doesn’t involve a make-up artist, a carefully curated wardrobe or a gorgeous venue. This is your family, your memories, at your cottage on Keuka Lake. Or your hunting camp on one of the other Fingerlakes! Think unposed, natural images that capture the essence of your life on the lake or at your hunting camp – beautiful, messy and nostalgic. 

Keuka Lake, or anywhere in the Fingerlakes Region. Lifestyle sessions are your chance to preserve the details that your kids are going to remember forever of their summers at their happy place. And don’t you want to be a part of that? 

If you’re intrigued at all by this idea…

shoot me a message.

We can chat about our visions and decide if this is a good fit for you and your family. Imagine walking by a picture in ten years, hanging on your cottage walls. Your kids showing off their missing teeth and goggles. You’ll be so thankful you did it. After all, lake life is the best life. 

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