Things to Look for in a Photographer

Moms and Dads look for a special person that can capture the true personality of their High School Senior. A professional, as well as someone that is an imaginative and creative photographer. A photographer that is inspired and original when working with their high school senior. I am that photographer. I value my client’s friendship before and after working together. You are looking for that special photographer, contact me. I would love to work with you and your family.

professional high school senior photographer, high school senior pictures, Rochester, NY
Cathy - Charlotte Pier, Rochester, New York

My Mission

Cathy Fraser Photography exists to create great relationships to ensure the best client experience. Making the client feel beautiful from the inside out; by providing timeless, elegant portraits to be handed down from generation to generation. Along with partnering with trusted photography labs that offer heirloom quality prints. Cathy Fraser Photography creates a client experience where passion and purpose come together.
professional high school senior photographer, high school senior pictures, Rochester, NY

Likability and Trust

High school Senior parents need to know that they can trust the photographer they hire to take their Seniors pictures.  Trusting that the photographer will find all the great personality traits that as parents – we know our child has. As well as, capturing any funny, or studious, athletic, musical abilities the high school senior has achieved during their high school career.  A parent needs to like the photographer they hire in order to trust the photographer to capture their child as they see their child.

My Life Experiences

I’m here to help you! My life experiences have brought me to where I am. Many life events that have guided me on this journey and to my love of photography. I have found that my need to help people feel good about themselves, is why I have such a passion to photograph people.

I have always been interested in creating; whether it is designing a piece of art for the wall or sewing a project for my home or a gift or maybe it was that new dress that I created in Fashion Design class in school. I also learned a great deal when I attended and graduated from Barbizon Modeling School. Learning to properly walk the runway, apply make-up, accessorizing an outfit, posing in front of a camera!

All these life experiences help understand what it is like to be on that side of the camera and in turn to photograph YOU! I have also continued to learn by spending the last few years taking several courses about shooting and editing, posing and business from Amy and Jordan Demos.

I just know that all my life experiences have brought me here, to where I am today, in love with photography and helping people them feel good in the process.

Get to Know Me

           I love to garden! If I could never photograph another human, my next love would be flowers! There is just something about getting my hands in Mother Earth and making things grow that is truly satisfying to me.

Tulip garden, red, yellow flowers, professional photography, Spencerport, NY
cat, black & white, Spencerport, NY, beloved pet

 Another of my life loves is Cats! I have had a cat most of my life. Cats have unique personalities, sometimes you find a cat that really leaves a mark on your heart. For me his name was Max. I always called him my “puppy-cat” because he had so many traits of a puppy! He met me at the door when I came home, he wanted to sit next to me when I watched TV, followed me all over the house, he even tried to get on the treadmill with me! He was the Best.

Apple Pie – an All-American favorite! And one of my specialties! Family gatherings, the request is “Cath will you make the pie?” I learned to make a pie crust from my grandmother when I was a teenager and I just never forgot that. It takes a gentle hand and just the right amount of mixing to make a pie crust flaky and delicious! It’s something I hope to pass down to my granddaughters!