Nowadays People Don’t Invest in Heirloom Prints – Why?

In This Day of Instant Gratification

Nowadays people don’t invest Heirloom prints? Why do you spend good money to hire a professional photographer?  I know, because we all want to see our photos as soon as possible! Gone are the days of finishing the roll of film in the camera and dropping it off at the drugstore to be sent out to be developed.

However; I am eternally grateful that my Grandparents and parents had the opportunity to get prints made when they were young. Having a Wedding photo of my Grandparents is a treasure. I even have a photograph of my Grandmother and my Great Aunt when they were about 6 and 8 years old! It was taken in the 1800’s -before color. In those days, artists would “go over” the black and white prints with color. Truly an art.

Fast forward to the 21st Century 

Nowadays everyone looks for digital images. The photographer delivers the gallery to the client electronically. The client downloads the images to their cellphone or computer. Next, they order prints from a local Big Box Store, online or national drugstore. Their prints arrive and YIKES! “Did Aunt Mildred get a spray tan?! That’s not how the images looked in the electronic gallery!! Why do my prints look so terrible?” The color is awful! Well, I can tell you – an artist was NOT printing your precious memories! The XYZ “lab techs” were not paying attention whether the magenta was correct or the green and blue were “off”.

Then the Worst Scenario 

Suddenly your hard drive fails! You lose your phone, or worse yet- you just NEVER take the time to actually get prints made. Images tucked away on an electronic device -forgotten.

Again I ask, why not buy prints from your photographer? We use professional labs. Where people take pride in their work. This is the reason that I am so in love with getting prints made – high-quality professional, heirloom prints on archival paper or metal that are guaranteed 100 years un-protected and 200 years protected.

Don’t Throw Your Money Away 

You spent good money to capture memories, these memories should be proudly displayed (works of art) in your home. These heirlooms should be passed down from generation to generation. I take pride in my work creating art for YOU and I want you to have the highest quality workmanship.

Where Should We Hang the Portrait?  

Take the time, walk around your home and envision where you would like to see beautiful wall art of you and your loved ones.

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