Snow Squall in the Finger Lakes

Living in the Fingerlakes Region of New York State certainly has been an adventure! In the Spring, the snow melts and fills the gullies with so much water! The water runs down and into all the Fingerlakes. Watching new leaves popping out on the trees and grapevines, flowers popping out of the earth just fills me with a warmth in my heart.

Summers here are beautiful! During the Summer, there’s so much to do, visit a local winery, shop in Historical Penn Yan, where you can visit the quaint shops and the Arts Center of Yates County. As well as various pubs, and eateries. Make a stop at one of the many roadside stands and purchase fresh produce that is grown right here where in the Fingerlakes. Living on Keuka Lake is such a wonderful experience.

When Autumn arrives, the foliage and views of the lake nestled between the hills is a stunning sight to behold. I get in the car and just drive, the smell of the decaying leaves, along with the smell of the grapes when I pass a vineyard go hand in hand with the crisp Autumn air. Truly beautiful.

During the Winter months, we can have some extreme weather as well! This particular day, I was coming home from getting a few groceries so I could bake Christmas cookies. Getting home was a bit of a challenge; however, when I pulled into my driveway all I could think was it was just a perfect day to turn the oven on and mix up cookie dough and bake my Christmas cookies! Just imagine…hot cocoa, and some fresh baked cookies and being cozy inside watching the snow fall…Yes!

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