Wall Art Prints

Transform your living space with breathtaking landscape photography. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and bring a touch of serenity into your home with my collection of stunning wall art.

Prints to choose from:

Cathy Fraser has a library of images available for purchase to bring color and life to your home.  If you don’t see something you are looking for, please reach out. 

Dramatic Hogsback


Beautiful Letchworth State Park captured at the peak of the Fall Foliage season in a metal print within a floating Classic Black frame. Framed print comes ready to hang, 20″x 30″

Inspiration Point


A stunning view of the Middle Falls and Upper Falls captured from Inspiration Point during peak Fall foliage season. A beautiful metal print in a classic black floating frame comes ready to hang.

Genesee River Gorge


A Stunning 20″x30″(not including frame size)Custom wall art in a metal print with a classic black floating frame. Genesee River Gorge in peak Fall foliage Heirloom quality. Ready to hang!

Keuka Lake Sunset


Beautiful sunset from atop a hill overlooking Keuka Lake! A stunning photograph to hang in any room of your home. A 20″x 30″ (dimension not including frame) metal print in a black floating frame that’s ready to hang!

Wild Dogwood Blossom in Black & White


This delicate blossom will bloom forever in your home. Stunning in B&W. 20″x 30″ (not including the frame) Floating Classic black canvas. Heirloom quality.

Hosta Leaves in Black & White


Lovely macro image of Hosta leaves in B&W. This print is serenity in a frame with the wonderful leading lines of the foliage, in a stunning 20′ x 30″(not including the frame) Floating Classic black canvas.

Other Wall Art Prints Available for Purchase

Call to choose your prints and order your custom size

Exquisite prints for your home décor

Elevate your home décor with Cathy Fraser Photography’s exquisite prints. From serene sunsets to breathtaking country and lake views, Cathy Fraser’s collection offers a diverse array of scenes to suit any aesthetic.

These stunning prints not only enhance visual appeal but also infuse your rooms with a sense of vitality and vibrancy, bringing them the beauty of the outdoors year-round.

Let Cathy Fraser’s artistry breathe new life and color into your home, transforming it into a haven of natural wonder.

Captivating Scenes

Explore Cathy Fraser's portfolio of landscape photography, each image capturing the essence of stunning natural vistas. From tranquil lakeshores to majestic mountain peaks, Cathy's lens skillfully preserves the beauty of the outdoors, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in captivating scenes of serenity and wonder.

Enhancing Home Décor:

Cathy Fraser's landscape prints offer more than just aesthetic appeal—they serve as exquisite focal points that elevate the ambiance of any room. Whether adorning a living room wall or gracing a hallway, these prints infuse spaces with warmth, color, and a touch of natural beauty.

Bringing Nature Indoors:

With Cathy Fraser's photography, you can bring the serenity of nature into your home, creating an environment that soothes the soul and invigorates the senses. Transform your living space into a tranquil retreat where the beauty of the outdoors is ever-present, fostering a sense of calm and connection with the natural world.

Now personalize your wall art

Now feature your family members as the subject of your stunning wall art for your home. Book a session with Cathy to feature your family in timeless, beautifully captured moments that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

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